• UPDATED Adultium — what is forbidden?

    - Underage material real or simulated (Ex.: sex with dolls, reference to infants, newborns or children in any way) - All actors must be and appear 18 years of age or older
    - During public non-pornographic scenes: All other […]

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  • Wise men join referral programs first

    Don't miss your fortune!

    Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Online referral marketing is the internet-based marketing tool for attracting new […]

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  • Get $250 for every referred producer!

    KITCOW invites you to take part in a referral program cmstud.io + adultium.com to invite producers. Simple and fair rules!

    Special offer

    1) Unbelievable generosity: get $250 for each producer you refer.
    2) Participants of the referral […]

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  • Content Marketing Studio

    Upload your content to cmstud.io , get exposed at Adultium.com and be rewarded for each replay! No limits!
    How it works:

    Selling adult content to end-users

    You’ve created an amazing adult content. Video or pics or a 3D cartoon. You know it’s great.
    What’s next?
    How to make money out of it and deliver your content to real end-users?

    Start screen of our cutting-edge content marketing system


    Technical issues:
    - register domain;
    - develop or buy and tune corre […]

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