1. Spam is strictly prohibited.

2. Any hints on child porn are strictly prohibited.

3. After approval, you can’t change your sites’ member zones to violate the sites requirements. Certainly, you can add content or change advertisements at any time. Notice that our software traces the site’s changes and they are always looked through by administrators.

4. You can’t card or try to cheat us in any other way.

5. You can’t put anything on our free host except AVS sites, covered with our system.

6. Subrefferers or any other registration of multiple accounts by the same user for the purposees of unnatural manipulation of AE benefits are considered as a cheat and can cause account termination without any notice.

7. We can change any point of this task at any time, without any notification.

8. No reselling links allowed at your outside pages even inside AE. Only direct links to your own king sites is possible.

On violating points 1,2 and 4 your account can be deleted without payment.
On violating the 3rd point the site can be disconnected from the system.
On violating the 5th point your account on free hosting can be closed or the violating pages can be deleted (with the redirect of 404-traffic to our pages).