There has been a change in TGP2 rules that you will want to take advantage of. Originally set to accept 5 pics or 1 movie as its mandate to help reduce content over saturation and increase webmaster profits, the TGP2 community recently voted to make a vital change to these requirements to give TGP2 gallery submitters and site owners greater flexibility. The following rules now apply.

Basic TGP2 Gallery Rules

    [*]Between 4 to 6 images or 1 to 2 videos per gallery.
    [*]Images and videos may be mounted on HTML pages.
    [*]No galleries containing content or links leading to CP, bestiality or rape content allowed.
    [*]No galleries containing content or links leading to warez, crackz, serials or other illegal content that violates copyright laws.
    [*]No cascading windows, blind links, pop ups, pop unders or redirects.

Additional rules may apply, pending the terms and conditions as set by individual TGP2 distribution site owners.

I personally have noticed that some AE site owners are producing 5 pic and 1 vid galleries for affiliate promotions and encourage all AE site owners to take advantage of the new TGP2 rules. With 4 to 6 pic or 1 to 2 vid galleries now a TGP2 standard, webmasters can create more galleries with the same content while still helping to reduce content over saturation and increased profits. Better yet, you have a growing ready made distribution network available to promote your product. In fact, we will even bring affiliates to you to help promote your site and AE!

The TGP2 community is growing and once again becoming a relevant force in the online adult industry, providing a cost effective marketing alternative for webmasters who are tired of over saturation and profits that are not what they use to be. Providing niche distribution satellites, RSS and remote template feeds that are ideal for blogs and other uses, TGP2 is the alternative marketing choice for today’s adult industry.

Site owners and gallery submitters alike can submit now at the following distribution points. (TGP2 Galleries Only!) (TGP2 Galleries Only!)

You can also submit to my hybrid TGP2 site at, now being renovated. (TGP2 Galleries Only!)

Need affiliates? If you have TGP2 compliant promotional galleries available for your AE site, let me know by posting your AE site here (name and address) and we will do our best to bring you help. Unlike old school TGP that only serves the interests of greedy sponsors, TGP2 is dedicated to success for site owners and gallery submitters alike, with reduced content needs and increased profits being our #1 goal.

Content quality, not quantity is the key to better marketing!