Yareel.com: New Game Adult Offer (Android APK + Desktop + Browser)

We introduce a new gaming offer, which is a real product, and not just a beautiful landing page for a non-existent game where users can’t understand what are they paying for.

About the game:

Yareel is the world’s only multiplayer 3D sex game for Android + Desktop + Browser, combined with one of the most profitable niches – dating.

Players create 3D avatars and use them for flirting, dating and online sex with other real users.

The game works on a free-to-play model, and the players are motivated to purchase VIP-status and local currency (berries), with which the process of courtship becomes hot. The number of active users per day – 10,000 people.

You get:

  • 50% of the income from all user purchases forever (up to April 1, 2019 70%)
  • Detailed statistics system (you see all the purchases made by the players listed by you, including rebills)
  • Promotional tools (we can make a landing or banner individually for your traffic, as well as non-standard promo – gameplay video, hosted video, etc. upon request)
  • Payments twice a month (Paxum, Webmoney or Wire)

Why Yareel:

  • It is a fresh offer (the game was developed without attracting affiliates)
  • regular updating of in-game staff (stimulates players to make new purchases, and you get a steady income)
  • thoughtful motivation of players for the purchase of VIP subscriptions and local currency (sooner or later, the player will make a purchase)
  • You can convert android and desktop traffic (there is an application for Android, desktop, and the ability to play through the browser)

Who need it:

  • those who want to earn more in a long run
  • those who need the trust of its users and who don’t need a one-time profit for non-existent subscriptions and products

For what kind of traffic:

  • adult games and game-related playgrounds
  • dating and chat traffic
  • just adult – you need to try on specific traffic
  • we give an APK with your wm_id stitched in – if you assume an “exotic” distribution, you should first write and discuss
  • if you are a partner with a high-quality adult offer for android and your product has a live clients and an extensive email base, then we are ready for joint marketing campaigns

Some figures:

  • EPM – $7
  • More than 40% of registered users become active players
  • Percentage of players with daily enter – 12.5%
  • The average monthly purchase amount of active player. – $17.66
  • Percentage of active players making purchase – 2.47%

Top 10 countries with shopping users

Top 10 countries by average user monthly check

  1. Israel – $71.78
  2. Saudi Arabia – $67.49
  3. Canada – $36.92
  4. Switzerland – $36.16
  5. Ukraine – $29.14
  6. Spain – $24.43
  7. German – $23.62
  8. Australia – $17.49
  9. France – $17.2
  10. United Kingdom – $17

Top 10 countries with maximum purchases per month

  1. USA – 24.9%
  2. Canada – 10.9%
  3. Germany – 10.3%
  4. France – 7.9%
  5. United Kingdom – 7.9%
  6. Russia – 4.6%
  7. Saudi Arabia – 4%
  8. Israel – 3.4%
  9. Australia – 2.8%
  10. India – 2.7%

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To celebrate the launch of the affiliate program, up to April 1, 2019 you will receive 70% of money paid by user during this period.
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