This longread is the result of questions I started to receive after we had launched our new platform. I see people are frustrated and don't understand how to work on their projects in the new economical reality. I'll do my best to make it clear in this post.

This is rather a pure theory than a manual, but supported by my personal experience and understanding of the current situation.

I've faced certain misunderstanding from people who had been used to work with AE. Their mindset is all about AVS and they don't see how things could possible work in another way.
Unfortunately AVS approach is dead. AVS are dead and have been already cremated. If not so we would have never spent 3 precious years of our short lives developing a new system, aiming to earn on websurfers' yearning for eternal beauty.
Though our new system looks almost like the previous one – same tubes, same previews – it's fundamentally different. It's different in its core. All changes address the way users consume content in 2016. What's more important – it's based on how users prefer to consume content nowadays.
One day I'm likely to write a longer post and I will tell you why paysites, partnership programs and signups are dying in agony. But today I just want to notice that the main reasons for this are the following:

а. Social networks have accustomed people to:
– Cross platform content and mobile surfing.
– Instant content consummation right on spot without changing the context.
– Ignore anything that costs more than $1.
– Porn free social networks. (though it's not really so, but it's another story)
– Feedback. Any one can possible tweet on Obama's Twitter and this post is likely to be read.

b. Traditinal paysites including AVS as younger brothers have taught people the following:
– The content inside is the same shit or even worse than the free one outside the paysite.
– No matter what it is, it's not worth $30.
– Purchasing access is buying a headache: the service will still be worse that at any free tube. Moreover they will milk your money out till the last cent, because you are an asshole and assholes always pay twice.

c. Google has coached surfers that:
– tubes are cool, because the stolen content accessible in one click is better from Google's point of view than anything money can buy.
– pirates are cool, too: anyone can get anything without payments. Any content can be stolen and copied, and any content will be stolen if not kept in a strongbox, and if it's securely kept in a strongbox, it will be lifted away with the box anyway.

d. Tubes have told people that:
– Tubes will have the very best videos from paysites or even better ones. Surfers already know that from b.
– It's easier to find an inspiring content on a tube rather than in Google, because there are previews and adult classification.
– One could easily find his or her own context on a tube and enjoy a personal tube feed – just like on Facebook.

The introduction is over. Let's see what we can do with this information?

Let's resume that:
– People still play with themselves, at least I still do. What about you?
– People still pay online. Moreover, e-commerce volume is constantly growing.
– The volume of porn traffic in the internet is still huge, though it's giving way to all this teenage social crap.
– Google is no longer the only entry point to the internet. Social networks have left it far behind. The gap has been growing since 2013 when this whole process started.

As you see porn is still alive, but all projects around it, such as paysites and partnership programs, are shutting down. Why? Is the adult content dying or what? No possible way. It's the business model which is dying and I will tell you how to change it taking all the facts from above into consideration.
We will give people the content they want packed in a box they are used to and wrapped in a rustling paper they will strive to unfold. They will provide a a way for them to touch it, try it and taste it.

How to do it using ?

Updates. We must update regulary and publish releases divided into shorter parts, but more often. By the way it's the same approach as dietologists recommend regarding meals: smaller portions every few hours. We must teach our audience that they can consume updates constantly, ideally – every couple of hours as they are used to have it in social networks. A constantly updating news feed of short releases: that's the new model that will also bring too much headache to pirates: they will go mad if they need to check updates every hour to steal another short video. Pirates don't like to work on a conveyor, it's not their type of business approach. They will go crazy trying to keep an eye on all of your updates, and the audience will get used to the idea of having the best content at Yes, they will know that in few days one can have it for free at some tubes or torrents, but by that moment there would be fresh releases at

Narrative. It's stories that are sold best today. A story should not be limited by a set, it could continue from free content to the paid one. Think of it!

What I mean is that a promo must work together with the core content, it must start a story, it must trigger the audience and then lead to the next series of the same story, but to see what's next one must pay for his or her curiosity.
Forget about posting sets of hundreds pics where only a dozen is really entertaining. Don't over flood with content, it's not about quantity, it's all about quality. To catch attention and get followers you only need 2-3 great pics and maybe one video. Vice versa: as soon as you upload 3-4 boring pictures in a row, you loose your subscribers. Value your audience and cherish their attention!
Stories may be built in very many ways. You may start and lead your story from a free promo to the core content, or connect your narratives between the releases or channels, or create a story within a release. The more logic in your postings, the more potential loyal users are kept and fascinated by your content.

Reality effect and interaction with the public. Provoke, intrigue and check feedback. Be very precise in your reaction. Approach the most active users in a special way. Our aim is to create and bring together a group of loyal fans, who are waiting for your updates in their news feed. Knowing that they can influence the content they like users become contributors rather than passive watchers. They may even donate a certain sum of money to your project, and that's how some of the projects are being financed now. We will introduce "Donate" feature in the closest time.

Metadata are a must! The more URLs with titles and descriptions, the more chances your project will appear in search results as low frequency request. Don't upload bulks of content, no one needs it. PC's have no idea how to tell good from bad. They don't know your content is good unless you tag it. Add meta data. Write descriptions. Give explanations. PC's are better than us, they don't play with themselves.

Content pyramids. You should think of promo at the same stage as you start planning your release. Release is actually a pyramid turned upside down, where you have paid content as the base and multi-level promos to reach out to the outer world. We work with many channels to attract traffic and accordingly we plan promos in several direction, as Google or traffic mixers as cg's used to do.
Now it's Google + tubes + social networks (where you can post promos with links like "we've also got a harder video witht his cutie) + cg tubes + blogs with embedded content + banners.
In the base there is paid content. All tiny water strings and small rivers of traffic from all kind of channels must lead to your core content. You must post regularly and in larger amounts that you were used to in order to avoid sudden breaks in traffic flows. Day after day, post after post and your content will be indexed in search engines. It will be reposted and shared, and thousands of traffic flows will finally meet and form your own Niagara Falls.
Create an adult trailer for porntubes and a non-adult trailer for Youtube. It works! See here:

Post pictures with nicely dressed actors to FB and Instagram and add a link: "Wanna see her fucked?".

Create a micro brand and brand your channel. Make people remember and recognize your brand. Add your micro brand to all your narratives.
Don't forget to use social networks as a reminder for your loyal audience: they see a new post, it rings a bell and they understand it's time to go and check your channel for something new and tasty.

Use multi-level involving registration of
A user can sign up for free just with an email. He will have access to releases' lists, but he will need to activate his account in order to view content inside. A credit card is required and the user is billed $1 which is tranfered to his internal system account. It does look as a standard one-dollar trial, but the emotional background by the moment of purchase is absolutely different: the user has already been granted access to the system, he's seen what's inside and knows it's not a bullshit. He needs just $1 to get full access to the platform. Then a $29.99 rebill will follow and other things you know well, but we are sure that by that time the user won't be disappointed by your intriguing releases. Even the users who haven't activated their account are still your subscribers, they will be informed on all your news and updates, they are yours! Sooner or later they will be seduced by your posts and promos, and and they will surrender.

Create various promos. 300×250 banners are no longer popular, but still they have their niche: with so many advertising spots on the Internet brokers still use banners, so don't miss this opportunity.
The future lies before native thumbs which in our case will be chosen from your release posters . Native thumbs, as we are sure, will reincarnate as cg's embedded very soon.