Good news!
MC hold payouts are scheduled for 23th September and 10th October.
We’ll pay 100% of MasterCard hold amount according your stats (page “Payments” in wm account) in two steps: about 50% of webmasters will get payment on 23th September and the rest will get payment on 10th October.
Please check your payment info and update if needed!

Update 11/10: All MC Hold payouts were processed! All payments below $100 were added to your revenue for period 2013-09-16 – 2013-09-30.
Thank you for your patience!

Update 10/10:second part of MC hold will be paid on 11th October (sorry for delay, waiting for wire).

Update 09/24: if amount of your “MC hold” < $100 it will be credited to your balance for period 2013-09-16 - 2013-09-30.