Dear webmasters,
we introduce a new simple and transparent tarification system for, which will positively influence your income.


Lately we’ve been testing various tariffs, trying to introduce different schemes for different merchants. Some turned out to be quite effective, some were disappointing for our partners.
Now we are coming back with a brand new and absolutely clear tarification system for everyone.

Now what?

1) Magical “9”
Numerous researches say that prices ending with “9” look better for customers (check it here) . They think it’s a kind of magic and we love being magicians:

Before: rates ending with “.95” ( $34.95)

Now: rates ending with “.95” ( $34.99)

2) New EUR/USD currency rate for 2016
It was impossible to give the same prices in EUR and USD as €1 was up to $1.3. Now the market situation has changed and our EUR and USD prices will match.

Before: $34.95/$74.95 BUT €29.95/€64.95;

Now: $29.99/$64.99 AND €29.99/€64.99;

3) Mobile trials
Smartphone surfers are not used to pay $30+ per single access.

Before: trial access $2.95 for 3 days with a $29.95 rebill (for certain countries and merchants)

Now: trial access $2.99 for 1 day with a $29.99 or $34.99 rebill (depending on AVS’s price in USD or EUR for any billing or merchant or country.

4) 6-month subscription
Following web-masters’s requests this package now covers the whole system.

Before: some merchants in some countries could purchase a 6-month subscription.

Now: $99.99/€99.99 for AVS with access price of $29.99/€29.99
$114.99/€114.99 for AVS with access price of $34.99/€34.99 for everyone: any billing or merchant or country.

5) Cascade
Processing payments through other banks in case of transaction failure without involving a card’s owner is our new strength.

Before: if merchant was declined by his acquiring bank, there was no way for him to get access.

Now: if merchant is declined by his acquiring bank an attempt will be undertaken to process the transaction through a different merchant giving a chance for a successful transaction.

6) Three packages to choose from
Giving a choice is an effective way to help customer complete a purchase.

Before: no system at all

Now: there are now three options at all merchants/billings. Three is the perfect number to choose from, it’s much better than a choice out of two options.
Mobile USD/EUR 2.99/29.99/64.99 if AVS is USD/EUR 29.99
USD/EUR 2.99/34.99/74.99 if AVS is USD/EUR 34.99.
Other USD/EUR 29.99/64.99/99.99 if AVS is USD/EUR 29.99
USD/EUR 34.99/74.99/114.99 if AVS is USD/EUR 34.99.
For 3- and 6-month packages % of savings per month in comparison to daily rate is shown.

This is not all. We are now working on accepting other payments at AVS, which are not yet part of