First of all, a disclaimer: I am not a subscriber to any Adult Empire site. I do enjoy surfing the sample gallery pages, the links for which are available via numerous TGPs.

I came across one or two which surprised me a bit, because the English used on these pages seemed more than a little awkward. This is not the norm for the greater number of AE sites, and I wondered if this inconsistency could be remedied. So I surfed to the support pages and offered my help.

It has been suggested to me (by operator3) that I make this offer of services here, and provide an example of the kind of “dressing up” of the English on your pages I mean. The file attached to this post includes an original PHP file of a sample gallery, a folder of graphics from said gallery, and my own simple corrections of the text on the page in HTML format. It occurred to me that there was even awkward English in the graphics, extant and sliced, on this page; not knowing quite what graphics tools were used, I left those as I found them. It is my hope that due attention will be paid to the text.

I’m not certain this is the right subforum for posting such an offer, but it seemed the one most appropriate. I will postpone any discussion of “reasonable compensation” until I have heard from someone associated with AE on this matter.

Have a nice day.

SJ Wright