First off, a thank you to Adult Empire for the English forum as requested. There is so much information in Russian and I find it a shame not to be able to learn from what has already been posted. An English forum will go a long way in filling in the blanks once it starts filling up. I have dabbled with the Russian language, and would like to emerse myself, but I know so little still at this point.

Now onto my request… I’m a veteran webmaster who has been active on the net since 1998. Previous to that, I dabbled with the Internet. And before then, I operated a 2 line dial up adult BBS, which I initially set up back in 1989. Since then, I have accumulated a fairly robust portfolio of domains with an emphasis on keyword and type-in value. I have also been working on a cooperative adult network, which includes tgp and tgp2 distribution services and an Adult SE which is about to go commercial with priority listings and a marketing affiliate program of its own. All in all, I’ve been a fairly busy guy.

Even with all of the above, like so many in the industry, revenue has been sliding, mainly due to content over saturation, which is one reason why I am entrenched in the TGP2 community. Up until now, I have been mainly involved as a reseller in regards to Adult Empire (which I promote mainly through and and other sponsors. In an effort to boost my revenue, I’m now designing 3 sites which I will be committing to AVS style programs, and I’m finding myself torn between Porn Access (Gamma) and Adult Empire.

The site I’m now working on is, which I was going to commit to Porn Access, but I’m not entirely happy with the video selection of Porn Access since Carnal means Amateur IMHO. The only reasons I’m considering them is that they are Canadian (which I am) and I always receive my payouts within 3 business days after pay periods, which can make a huge difference when it comes to paying the bills.

An unfinished version of the design can be seen at

Today, I just picked up, which I will be using for a Masturbation site. I’m also thinking of moving over, which is currently just a promo page.

Any way, I would like some feedback from current Adult Empire site owners regarding their experience with Adult Empire, as well as any thoughts on my issue. This is my first foray into the AVS style market (yes, I know, Adult Empire is not an AVS) and I’m just not sure which way to swing. I do know that Adult Empire has good conversion ratios from my experience thus far as a reseller, even though much of my time is spent on network building and services. While kind of broad and vague, any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch folks. Spaciba :dirol: