When I first saw some of the sites that are at Adult-Empire I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were so well done that I knew if I promoted them they would make money. I put up a few links and galleries and sales and rebills started coming in.

The conversion ratios are very high and before I send more traffic I would like to look at more professional ways to promote A-E to maximize my sales and rebills.

Should I submit more galleries or just buy traffic and point it to A-E?

My King site is a site with cartoons and comic books and animation I create. I’ve been a professional cartoonist in the U.S. and worldwide for 30 years. I do very well with the websites I have and thought A-E would be a good addition and it is. So any tips for better production I would appreciate. If you need someone to write blog posts for you contact me. I also do custom cartoons. I’ll see if it’s okay from A-E to do promotional cartoons for A-E that all A-E webmasters can share. Here’s one I use for my Cyberage sites that has worked well for 10 years now:

As you can see it teases the surfer to go into the site. I’ll make one for A-E to tease the surfers in too.

Here’s another one I use. It’s from an animated series I created on my site that you can see in my A-E King site too:

As you can see it teases the surfer to return or go into the site. These work very well and I’ll try them with A-E too.