We need to inform you about a delay in Webmoney payments.
This situation is caused by the following:
our Webmoney exchange partner has a bank account in Epayments Systems Bank. Our bank rejected to initiate a Wire to them and gave us the next explanation –

"Our accounting department notified us that your transfer was rejected because we can no longer provide transfers to Revolut, TransferWise, Epayments or other similar PSP services.
The banks are apprehensive when it comes to transfers to these entities and that we have been asked to curb this type of activity as it raises flags in compliance department
Please add a different bank account from an actual bank so we can process further transfers."

We will undoubtedly find another way to fill our account in WMZ using alternative ways but it will take some time

Besides we hope that this information about PSP services is useful to you

If you have any ideas about new actual methods of earned money withdrawal please contact us