Today someone ICQ’d me telling me to correct an error on my A-E site that was corrected last week. This new person stated they are the new technical support for A-E. I went to check my A-E site and couldn’t use the ftp anymore. I was then told I would have to log in to my A-E account and add my IP which would take 24 hours to be handled? Yet then again I’m told there’s new 24 hour support and any questions should be answered within an hour?

Every week there’s some new error with A-E. Either it’s new software that doesn’t work, lost rebills, payment plan not upgraded.

It’s beginning to look very unprofessional and I’m concerned about investing anymore time and effort in A-E. It takes months to get paid according to the payment plan and the new upgraded support ticket function doesn’t work and when I asked to get the problem fixed no word.

Make life easier for us webmasters and we’ll stay and promote A-E.

Oh, and another thing, hire someone who can translate Russian to English because the spelling and grammar errors makes the A-E sites look amateurish to the English speaking surfers.

I really thought A-E would be easy and fun but every week it’s challenge just to figure out what new screw up is going to occur.