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Referral marketing is a method of promoting products or services to new customers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Online referral marketing is the internet-based marketing tool for attracting new users. In this case the recommendation is accompanied by a referral link that contains data of member's account details and he will receive bonus when a new member registers after his referral. (с) Wiki

Recently KITCOW has opend a referral program + for producers.

There are 2 groups selling content views to the end user in the AppStore for porn at :

1) Producers: those who use to upload content and and who carefully prepare promos, crop thumbs and add tags and descriptions for better visibility.
2) Promoters: those who posses their own traffic resources and who advertise content to end-users

Both groups are required to make a project successful and the idea of referral programs is not new.
What is new is that our referral program with extremely favorable conditions is focused on producers and not on promoters. Producers' market is rapidly developing and there is almost no competition, so there are plenty opportunities for new market players.
Why so?

Referral program for producers is a new developing market

Standard referral programs motivate promoters as those who bring end-users and make them purchase a service or a product.
If one tries to approach an experienced promoter who's been in the business for a long time and whose traffic flows are set and fixed, it is not at all easy. Everyone wants to deal with such a promoter, because his experience will bring most of referral money. It's a challenge to make this promoter test something new.
Promoters are not afraid of new ways to earn, if they are smart they will eagerly try a new program and redirect 10% of his traffic to see if it's worth it: why not?
The challenge is that far more than one new referral partnership program is hunting for this promoter and his 10% of traffic .
Even a promoter tries a new referral program and doesn't see instant results, there is a risk he will skip it instead of spending time tuning it and preparing attracting promos.

Our referral program is different!

We are introducing a program for producers. It's the first of its kind on the market. No competition, no analogues.
There are many producers who are trying to sell their content. The do it –
– on stocks
See list of providers.

– at Deviant
See the gallery of sexy-naruto-girls community where many local artists have uploaded original content

– via free tubes
See the list of users uploading their videos trying to earn from advertising shows on their pages.
There are also numerous enthusiasts who just upload great content free of charge on different niche communities, for example, fetishist communities. They wouldn't mind getting another bucks or two!

All this must be monetized!

If promoters need to redirect traffic in order to try something new and there is always a risk for them to loose money, producers can upload and keep their content anywhere! There are no restrictions or limits for producers: they can upload content to tubes, stocks and add it to to earn more without any risks.

Dear referral marketers! Just be the forst to attract as many producers as you can! Hurry up or others will do it!
What you need to do:

1) Register here and get your referral link

2) Prepare a longlist of producers for the first contact, preferably those who specialize in a certain theme or topic.

3) Explain all benefits of the new system and send invitation with a referral link. Tell them people are still ready to pay for the content if it's high quality content, but the content must be uploaded and posted regularly, divided into in small parts, with various promos for all types of sales channels to make it easier for the promoters to sell their original content.
Why it is so and how to explain this idea to producers read here and no questions will remain.
No exclusivity. Producers are free to keep their content anywhere. Including our platform.

4) *for those who like informal communication and forums
Use your forum activity: post the ref-link in your signature .
Spin your web and get as many producers as you can in your network. Don't let competitors win over you!
Remember: first come, first serve!